1. Reservations will only be confirmed for car group, not for spec. car's model (except reservations concerning automatic/manual transm.cars) 
    24 hours system of car hire. Maximum delay is 1 hour, otherwise extra day be charged.
  2. Driving the car by unauthorized person (not specified at the Rental Agreement) is forbidden.
  3. Extra charge for second driver.
  4. The car is provided full of tank.
  5. Fuel is the customer's costs.
  6. Driving the car outside Poland needs written permission of "Traffic-Rent and is the subject of extra conditions.
  7. Maximum 10 days of delay time for calculation damage occurred during car rental period.
  8. Pricing of damage suitable to the price-list recomended by insurances company in Poland (Eurotax, Audatex, etc.)
  9. Traffic-Rent shows and choose garage to repair car.
  10. Client respons up to deposit amount in case of breaking down or damage the car.
  11. "Traffic-Rent" reserves the right to refuse to rent a car without giving reasons, even if the client meets and accepts the requirements and procedures in force in the company.
  12. Cancellation Policy: 1 day of charge (daily rate agreed) or 20% car rental costs in case of no car hire results becouse customer's foult: No Shown, Credit card problems, customer is late more than 1 hour.

  13. All details concerning regulations of Traffic-rent states Rental Agreement.