Car hire conditions

General informations


  1. Minimum driver's age is 25 years for group of vehicle A,B, and 27 years for the others groups of cars.
  2. Maximum driver age is 65.
  3. For the drivers over 65 yers old there are extra car hire conditions applyed.
  4. Driving licence valid from minimum 3 years.
  5. "International Driving Licence" is required for the customers outside European contries (USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc,...)
  6. Required payment documents: all major credit card accepted, bank transfer and cash (at the end or at the start of car hire)
  7. Double identity document ( passport, driving license)
  8. "Vehicle Condition Form" prepared at the start and at the end of car hire period.
  9. "Traffic-Rent" reserve 24 hour of delay time for check-in returned car in the following circumstances: bad weather conditions, darkness, dirty car.
  10. Deposit amount be accounted after "check-in" returned car by authorized person of "Traffic-Rent".
  11. The rate included following insurances: TW (against theft), CDW (collision damage waiwer), PI (personal insurance).
  12. The Lessee is fully responsible for the following events: 
  13.     the damages are incurred as a result of deliberate action or gross negligence
  14.     the interior or the car, tires, hubcaps, mirrors or wipers are damaged, rims, lighting 
  15.     the car's documents have been lost
  16.     the insurer refuses to pay damages through the Lessee?s fault
  17.     braeking-down "Rental Agreement" principles
  18. Height of deposit(Non-Waivable excess) depended of car category:  460 Euro (group A,B), 580 Euro (group C,D), 700 Euro (group E)
  19. Deductiable amount is up to deposit for car damage occured during car rental period.
  20. "Traffic-rent" doesn't offer comprehensive insurance to cover client for any damage.
  21. Accepting of "rental agreement" - contract, before of car hire ( Rental agreement include of general Conditions).
  22. Driving car to some countries in Europe is forbidden.
  23. Driving outside Poland is subject to special conditions of car hire and needs written permission of "Traffic-Rent".
  24. 24 hours system of the car rental period ( 1 hour of the variance).
  25. All details of car rental rules are shown at the "Rental Agreement".